If you are interested in Anapolon don´t be hesitate to ask us for any question. In our online pharmacy you can choose from high range of manufacturers producing steroid contains Oxymetholone. Everything is genuine quality and laboratory tested. Oxymetholone was developed many decades before from now. It is the stronges oral steroid, usualy it is used for dramatic gains of weight. Gains of strength and body weight are incredibly fast. This steroid is very toxic for liver, but only if you are using high dosage about 200 mg per day. There is recommended to use some medicament for liver protection - for example Essentiale Forte. Tablets of Anapolon usualy contains 50 mg of Oxymetholone. If you are begginer with Anapolon, your dosage should be only about 1 - 2 tablets per day (50 - 100 mg) maximum for three weeks. There is high water retention, so you have to drink a lot during this cycle, it is also great for kidney cleansing. Gains from this cycle used to be temporary, because most of the body weight gain is watter, which will be lost after discontinuation of this medication. Anapolon is great to combine with some other steroids. Oral steroid combinated with Oxymetholone is usualy: Methandienone - Dianabol. From injection steroids it is most often combinated with some ester of Testosterone as Enanthate, Cypionate or Sustanon. If you want to buy Anapolon online you are at the right website! We offer you genuine Oxymetholone for unbeatable price! Check out the followings steroids downstairs. Steroid4u.org Buy the best quality Oxymetholone - Anadrol in our steroid shop. We offer you high range of Anadrol - Oxymetholone brand.

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